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Process & Manufacturing: How to Be Successful

Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Nigel. I live in Perth with my two children and a pet dog. At weekends when I am not at work, I like to paint and play the piano. Five days a week, I run a processing and manufacturing plant on the outskirts of town. For many years, while the plant was doing all right, it wasn't the massive success I once dreamed it could be. At a trade conference, I got talking to a consultant who visited my plant and recommended that I make some changes. Since then, my business has really taken off. I decided to start this blog to offer guidance to others.


CNC Machining Explained

8 February 2017
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Computer numerical control, which is more commonly known in Australia simply as CNC, is a type of machining process that fully engages with the computerised world. Unlike hand machining methods, such as oxy cutting, drilling and boring, CNC machining is a computer-aided technique. This means that designs can be met at a highly consistent level time after time. Indeed, CNC techniques can be used in conjunction with a wide range of equipment and other machining services. Read More …

Types of welding processes used by welders

6 February 2017
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In order to fuse metals together, a professional welder has to rely on good welding equipments. Welders have a wide variety of welding equipment they can use these days. No single type is suitable for all your welding applications. Each has a unique area of application. When dealing with a welder, you need to have an idea of the type of welding process they will use, its capabilities and advantages. This helps determine how suitable the welder you hire is for the job at hand. Read More …

How Do Powder Coatings Work?

3 February 2017
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Affording very attractive finishes to products and components, powder coatings provide a durable and protective layer which can help to prevent structural damage, corrosion and cosmetic problems, such as scratching or fading. Like other protective coatings, the process of applying them is often conducted by specialist contractors. In the case of powder coating, a procedure of electrostatic spray deposition, or ESD, is frequently adopted to achieve a thorough application. How is this done and what are its effects? Read More …

The Pros and Cons of Using Wet Paint Finishes on Aluminium Products

24 January 2017
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People who would like aluminium products to be fabricated for them may not be sure about which surface finish they should select for those products. This article discusses some of the benefits and the drawbacks of using a wet paint finish on aluminium products. Use this information to decide whether this surface finish is the right one for your products. The Pros You have a bigger variety of colours to choose from. Read More …

Avoid The Home Brew Beer Bomb With These Top Tips!

20 January 2017
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If you're new to homebrew, you'll have heard all about the legend of the 'home brew bottle bomb'. That innocent-looking bottle of fermenting grog can suddenly explode without warning, showering everything in the immediate vicinity with fragments of bottle and stinky beer. So how do you make sure that your homebrew is a success and doesn't end up leaving your house looking like a war zone? Always use good-quality plastic bottles Read More …