Types of Equipment Used by Powder Coating Contractors

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Types of Equipment Used by Powder Coating Contractors

23 October 2018
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Powder coating usually involves many stages. The metal that needs to be coated is cleaned and when it is ready for coating, powder is applied onto it. The coated part is then heated in an oven. The heat allows powder to melt so that it sticks to the metal part. The powder is then allowed to cool and harden hence creating a very attractive finish. As a contractor who offers powder coating services, you should use the following equipment in order to achieve quality results.

Pre-treatment Equipment

For you to get the results that you desire, the product you need to coat should be clean. The product should be free of oil, dust or old paint. If you do not clean the product well, the powder will not stick on to it and this will affect its durability. Pre-treatment equipment will help you achieve a clean product. If the metal product that you want to coat contains rust or old paint, you will require a blast room. In this room, compressed air is used to remove debris from the part until it is ready for coating. If your product has oil on the surface, you will have to use a wash station. Here you will use pre-treatment detergents and spray them on the part preparing them for coating.

Application Equipment

Professionals use powder spray guns to achieve a perfect finish for powder coating. There are various types of spray guns; you just have to choose the one that works best for you. The spray gun provides a charge that is necessary when powder coating. The powder contains a positive charge and it is attracted by the negative charges on the material that you are coating. This gun will help you achieve a good finish. When spraying powder, part of the powder will be on the floor or the surrounding air. You can get rid of this remaining powder using a powder spray booth. The booth will ensure that your shop is clean after the coating process.

Curing Equipment

An oven is used for the final step of the powder coating process which is curing. You will place the coated product in an oven with a recommended temperature. The amount of time the powder takes to cure depends on the size of the metal product and also the thickness of the coated parts. The powder will melt and adhere to the product as it is required. After this, you should let the metal product to cool and harden hence achieving a quality finish.