Choosing Outdoor Goalposts for a School

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Choosing Outdoor Goalposts for a School

7 December 2017
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Goalposts are a very important part of any school's sports equipment, and you have many options from which to choose when it comes to those posts. This is a good thing, as it means you're sure to find the right posts for your school's needs in particular, but it can also make shopping for posts a bit overwhelming and confusing. Note a few important tips to remember when choosing goalposts for a school in particular, so you opt for the best variety and know those posts will suit your needs.

Other sports

You may need goalposts only for one sport in particular, but a school often uses outdoor posts for several different sports. If your school's teams will be playing basketball outdoors, or will use the posts for a badminton or volleyball net, be sure you choose posts with the right drilling for those attachments. You don't want to assume that you can simply drill your own holes for the screws and bolts needed for a basketball backboard or for attaching any type of additional netting, as the material used for posts is often very thick and durable and not meant to be fabricated. Choosing posts with those holes already drilled will also ensure they're level and even across two posts, and in the correct spot for regulation play.


Steel is strong and durable, but may not be needed for a school, where game play isn't always as rough as in professional sports. The density of steel can also make posts dangerous; if a child were to run into a steel post, this could cause severe injury. A softer and more lightweight aluminium or PVC can be a better option for schools. PVC especially has a softer exterior, so it absorbs more impact and can mean less risk of injuries in a collision.

Portable versus fixed

Portable goalposts are sometimes more expensive than fixed, as they may include various sections that can be broken down, as well as wheels at the bottom for easier movement of the posts. Investing in portable posts can be good if you need to open up the field where the posts will be situated for other events or uses, but many schools can opt for fixed posts. Not only are these often less costly, but this also means the posts are more likely to stay in place if they should get hit with a ball or a player, and during strong storms. If you do choose portable posts, be sure they can be broken down to a manageable size that will fit in your storage area.

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