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Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Nigel. I live in Perth with my two children and a pet dog. At weekends when I am not at work, I like to paint and play the piano. Five days a week, I run a processing and manufacturing plant on the outskirts of town. For many years, while the plant was doing all right, it wasn't the massive success I once dreamed it could be. At a trade conference, I got talking to a consultant who visited my plant and recommended that I make some changes. Since then, my business has really taken off. I decided to start this blog to offer guidance to others.


How to Install a Weighbridge As a Revenue Generator

14 March 2019
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If you're always on the lookout for a new commercial opportunity, you may realise that you can make some money by providing accurate weight measurements for certain categories of vehicles on the road today. After all, many vehicles need to conform with certain specifications in order to remain legal or to maximise their capability from their own commercial perspective. There are a limited number of facilities available to cater to this category of traffic, and if you have the available space, why not consider introducing a weighbridge of your own to act as a revenue generator? Read More …