Metal Fabrication Methods: The Benefits of Laser Cutting

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Metal Fabrication Methods: The Benefits of Laser Cutting

17 February 2017
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One of the top ways to fabricate sheet metal is with cutting. There are a few different methods for cutting sheet metal, but laser cutting is quickly becoming the go-to method. Here are some different benefits of laser cutting sheet metal so you can decide if this works best for you.

Better Precision For Complex Shapes

With laser cutting, you are getting the best precision and speed possible. The laser cutting machines allow you to cut a variety of different intricate and complex shapes into the sheet metal with ease. You simply need to program the laser cutting machine, and it will cut right through the sheet metal according to the shape provided. While other cutting techniques can also handle a variety of shapes for various uses, it often takes more time and skill to get it right. Keep in mind even with these complicated designs, the laser beam is not going to wear out during the cutting process.

Cutting Various Combinations is Done With Ease

Not only does the laser cutting process work with different shapes, but it can also improve how well you cut different thicknesses of metal. If you were using other cutting methods, it would require multiple operations in order to handle varying thicknesses of the sheet metal or using multiple operations for different combinations of cutting techniques. With a laser cutting machine, this is all done flawlessly and with ease in a single operation, severely cutting down the time it takes to finish the metal cutting job.

You Save Money on the Cutting Process

Your business can also save money by adapting a laser cutting process. This is possible in a few different ways. First of all, with laser cutting machines, no material is wasted, as it often is during a hard tooling process. You are going to save money on materials and supplies in this way. It also helps to save money because less time is required to cut each piece of sheet metal, and less workers overall are needed to complete the various cutting projects.

The Edges Are Clean

Speaking of the finished quality of your sheet metal, you are going to have completely clean edges without any burr dust or other issues. Hard tooling and manually cutting sheet metal can also be done with great precision, but it takes more skill in order to get those clean, crisp edges you are looking for. It is a breeze when you are using a laser cutting machine.